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Books of Interest to Titanic Researchers

Titanic: Psychic Forewarnings of a Tragedy

by George Behe
ISBN 1-85260-088-8
Patrick Stephens Ltd., 1988

This book examines the many reports of psychic phenomena connected with the Titanic disaster. The author discusses odd coincidences, paranormal hoaxes and Spiritualistic phenomena before finally introducing the reader to impressive precognitive-type cases that were experienced by many people before the ill-fated Titanic began her maiden voyage. The author attempts to provide "normal" explanations for as many of these accounts as he can; paranormal explanations are suggested only when "normal" explanations fail to account for all of the events connected with each case.

Lost At Sea: Ghost Ships and Other Mysteries

by Michael Goss and George Behe
ISBN 0-87975-913-5
Prometheus Books, 1994

This book broadens our study of ship-related psychic phenomena by examining paranomal incidents connected with a wide variety of seagoing vessels. "New" paranormal accounts connected with the Titanic disaster are discussed and analyzed, but additional chapters deal with remarkable incidents connected with the Lusitania, Waratah and many other lost vessels (both well-known and obscure.) Once again an attempt is made to explain these accounts in "normal" terms before paranormal explanations are advanced as possibly being better-suited to the job.

Titanic: Safety, Speed and Sacrifice

by George Behe
ISBN 0-933449-31-3
Transportation Trails, 1997

This controversial book documents the fact that Bruce Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line, pressured Captain Smith to maintain Titanic's high speed so that she would better the maiden voyage crossing time of her older sister, the Olympic. Other evidence suggests that Titanic's lookouts may have sighted several icebergs and reported them to the bridge a full half-hour before the fatal iceberg came within sight at 11:40 p.m., but that the ship's high speed was maintained to help insure her early arrival in New York. And finally, evidence is examined which suggests that a deliberate coverup of the above events may have taken place in order to preserve the White Star Line from financial ruin.

Works In Progress

George Behe and author Don Lynch ("Titanic: An Illustrated History") are presently collaborating on a new book about the Titanic disaster.

Stay tuned....

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