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The Titanic Book Site.Com Book Archives.
A descriptive and (mostly) objective history of books in the English language on the most infamous maritime disaster of all time.

To all those individuals whose passion for the subject keeps the story of the Titanic alive, this site is dedicated to you.

On a frigid, calm night in April of 1912 a ship met an iceberg in the middle of the north Atlantic. A few hours later, two thirds of the human souls, a handful of dogs and a ship's cat were all dead. The story of what happened that fateful night has become the stuff of legend. The ocean liner Titanic, considered virtually unsinkable by the conventional wisdom of the day, sank in under three hours. The event stunned the world in 1912, (for a far briefer period than legend suggests). Arguably it still remains the most infamous maritime disaster of all time. It is the shipwreck of all shipwrecks. What draws us to the Titanic disaster over and above any other? Many people have their own theories, but the truth is either you 'get' the Titanic bug or you don't. And if you've got it, you know it.

If you are fascinated by this event, one of the very best collectibles on the subject is books. Not only are they a heck of a lot more available than most other kinds of Titanic collectibles, but (for the most part) they are a lot more reasonably priced, too. If you want to learn more about collecting books on Titanic, you have come to the right place.

My main interest, and thus the focus of this site, is nonfiction titles. Still you will find extensive listings for novels, children's books, etc.

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What Has Changed:
Well for one, I"m Baaaaaack! With special thanks to Bill Wormstedt for kindly offering to host the site. Bill, you are the best!

Thanks as well to all the kind people on the Titanic Bibliophile Facebook page, who convinced me to make the site available again - even as dated as it is.

What's Broke:
The search engine I used for the site is no longer active, so no search for now until I can get a new one put together.

I expect most of the website links on the Links page are no longer active, or have been changed.

Recommended Sites needs a complete rewrite as well as there was no such thing as Facebook then.

Scarcity Rating Scale. Many of  the titles rated as Fairly Common or  Common have become much less so over the years. On the other hand, few of the Fairly Scarce and Very Scarce titles have gotten any more common!

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July 8th 2015.
The State of the Site Address.
Back by Popular Demand! Or at least by some very nice folks who have requested the site be made available again. With a few minor alterations, the site is online pretty much as it was when it left way back in 2007. Important note on the book reviews. When these were written it was with the latest knowledge of the Titanic availability at the time. A lot of time has passed, and a lot of what was considered conventional wisdom at the time has fallen to the wayside for new theories and different beliefs. A book I raved about in 2002 might be considered so much hokum by today's standards. Thou hast been warned!

May 16, 2007
For the past two years, personal matters have permitted me less and less time to keep the site updated. Unfortunately, it has now become such that I really cannot devote any further time to the site any longer. I considered taking the site down, but after discussing this with a group of friends, I have decided to leave what is here available as a static site.

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The primary purpose of this site is an attempt at a bibliography of books printed on the subject. The site first came online in the year 2000, shortly after the Millennium Bug wreaked all that havoc. What, you don't remember? I make no claim to have listed every Titanic related book ever printed, which as we know would be a very silly claim indeed. The site contains complete alphabetic listings both by author and by title. Another very useful feature of this site is the extensive Subject Bibliographies which list books under 35 subjects ranging from Alternate Theories to Wireless. Besides the Subject Index and Title Index there is even an index for illustrators. Of greatest pride to me, and perpetual annoyance to anyone who might disagree, is my Titanic Book of the Year Award. Chosen by a select group of my personalities.