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Upcoming Book News.

This page will be updated from time to time as I learn about books that are currently in the process of being written. I will cover everything from solid, dependable information to outright speculation. If I hear a rumor of a book in the works, I will mention it here. If I have the information, I will also note when the book is supposed to be ready for purchase, but any estimates on availability should be considered approximate at best. When books are definitely available, I will post a notice on the New Book Alerts page, so check there to see what is in-print. The information on this page is arranged by the date of the announcement, with the most current news at the top of the list.

December 19, 2006.
CSI: Titanic. A Forensic Examination of the Sinking,
by Tim Foecke, PhD and Jennifer Hooper McCarty, PhD.
After five years of writing, and a decade of research, the authors are ready to publish their book about the metallurgical and collision studies they have performed on the Titanic wreck.

CSI: Titanic is a new book that investigates the collision of the ship and how it sank using modern forensic techniques. The authors have spent a decade examining materials recovered from the wreck site, searching deep into the historical records, and have run numerous computer models in an attempt to pin down what happened that moonless night in April of 1912.

There is not a lot of information available yet, but the author’s hope to have the book out by Fall, 2007. They do have a preliminary website online, which includes an email address for updates on the book's progress.

Tim Foecke is an expert in mechanical and forensic metallurgy. He has been involved with failure analysis for over 20 years, including the recently completed NIST World Trade Center collapse investigation. He is currently working with the National Park Service and the Navy on a computer model of the degredation and eventual collapse of the wreck of the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor. He acts as a consultant to the teams working on preserving the wrecks of the USS Monitor and the CSS Hunley. He was directly involved in expeditions to the wreck of Titanic in 1996, 1998 and 2004, and has spent 10 years studying steel and iron recovered from the wreck site.

Jennifer Hooper McCarty got her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University based on her work on the Titanic.

August 10, 2006.
Updates on two looong awaited titles.

White Star Line, a Photographic History, by Janette McCutcheon. According to the publisher, Tempus, this book will be released sometime this month. Fingers crossed.

Titanic, The Ship Magnificent, by Bruce Beveridge, Steve Hall & Scott Andrews. Tempus said that this one will be released this November. UPDATE, December, 2006. It is now looking like this will be released April, 2007.

July 17, 2006.
James Cameron’s Last Mysteries of the Titanic,
by Dr. Joseph MacInnis & Michael Mouland.
The strange journey of this book through publishing limbo continues. The publisher lists the book on their website, but does not offer any release date details. None of the major new book sites list the book for pre-order any longer. I contacted the publisher directly, and was told that the title "has been postponed". When I asked them what that meant, they replied that there were some holdups keeping the book from going to press. They did not have any time frame as to when, if ever, this book will be published, though they indicated a desire to see the complications worked out and the book released eventually.

June 14, 2006.
RMS Majestic: The Magic Stick,
by Mark Chirnside.
Includes an extensive collection of archive pictures of the Majestic and other ships, including photographs of the White Star vessel’s stately rooms, and striking paintings of the ship in vibrant colour, as well as a fascinating and comprehensive narrative chronicling the life of the vessel, RMS Majestic: The ‘Magic-Stick’ provides a complete history of a ship that was once the pride of the White Star Line.

This will be a softcover book with 96 pages, profusely illustrated in color and black & white, including a cutaway profile. The price will be £16.99, and available from Tempus Publishing. No confirmed details about a release date yet. For more details, see Chirnside's Author Page.

May 9, 2006.
The Titanic Game,
by Mike Warner.
A children's book for the 9 to 12 age group. It will be a hardcover book with a front cover illustration by well known artist Frank Ordaz. Originally due out in April, current plans are for a June release date. No ordering information is available yet.

Here is a partial synopsis from the author:
When Dane Sheridan’s parents decide to take in a second grade foster child named Abby into their care, fifth grade Dane is less than pleased. The principal, noticing Dane’s uncaring demeanor, brings Dane into his office for what Dane feels will be the usual style of punishment. But the principal gives Dane a book on the Titanic. That night, as he is flipping through the book, Dane sees Abby in one of the photographs. A quick search through the house proves that she is gone, and his parents have no memory of her. Back in his room, Dane is transported onto the Titanic, where he realizes he is part of the bellboy staff. The only objects he has to help him in his quest to rescue the two of them from the sinking ship are his book and his digital watch.

February 15, 2006.
James Cameron’s Last Mysteries of the Titanic,
by Dr. Joseph MacInnis & Michael Mouland.
Previous details about this title on almost all the major on-line book sites were rife with misinformation concerning the publisher and even the author. Here are the corrected details, with the right authors noted above. The book is being released by Key Porter Books in Toronto. With profuse thanks to Marilyn Lena Penner for solving the mystery of the publisher on this title. Both and Barnes & have realized the mistake (which appears to have come from the publisher's end, but that is just speculation on my part) and have pulled the title from their websites. I will post a further notice if/when they relist the book.

November 28, 2005.
James Cameron’s Last Mysteries of the Titanic,
by James Cameron.
The story of Cameron’s findings on his latest dives to the wreck in the summer of 2005, when he ventured deeper into the ship than anyone has ever gone before. This will be a hardcover book, with around 190 pages. It is not due out until next year, in April, of course.

November 5, 2005.
Titanic, A Date to Remember. A Diary of Events, 1849 to 2004,
by Howard Nelson.
According to the author, the Diary traces the major and significant events that affected the lives of thousands of people and caught the imagination of generations. In essence, it appears to be a Titanic timeline, and also includes: Survivors, Ships Specifications, Ships Facilities, Titanic People, The Commercial Cargo Manifest. Previously unpublished material, survivor’s stories and a directory of Titanic Societies worldwide.

This will be a hardcover book, which should be out by Christmas. Price will be £19.95. There may be a signed, limited edition in that the first 100 copies will be autographed by the author and Millvina Dean, providing she remains healthy enough to do so.

There is also a downloadable E-book version, available now for £9.99. Here is the link for ordering either version on the author's website.

October 12, 2005.
Titanic: Monument and Warning,
by Dave Gittins.
Not a book, this is actually a cd-rom. It includes the first major examination of Lord Mersey's British inquiry, a look at "the Californian affair" and a chapter on Titanic's supposed effect on maritime safety.  It amounts to more than 230,000 words (that’s 400 to 500 printed pages!). It uses digital methods to produce a comprehensive index, plus more than 1,200 footnotes and references that appear on-screen on demand. This will be a cd-rom available for Windows computers only. Six years in the making, this one sounds quite exciting as no-one has ever tackled a massive review of the British inquiry before. No final details on pricing, or availability, though the author assures me it is due out shortly. More information to follow as I receive it.

September 28, 2005.
Titanic, The Ship Magnificent,
by Bruce Beveridge, Steve Hall & Scott Andrews.
For the first time, Bruce Beveridge, Steve Hall and Scott Andrews look at the ship itself, and at her interior design and fittings. From cobalt blue Spode china and Elkington plate silverware in the a la carte restaurant to the design of the boilers and fixtures and fittings onboard the world's most luxurious vessel, they tell the story of a liner built at the peak of the race between the British, French and Germans to build bigger and better ships.

For more information see the Author's Website, which has further details, although it is still under construction.

With thanks to Steve Hall for initial commentary on their new title. The book is available for pre-order on UK.

April 2, 2005.
Titanic, Lost Words,
by Senan Molony. A volume in the Lost Words Series.
This is another title for young readers, roughly the 8 to 12 age group. It is the author's first book for children. The book explores the disaster through the words of those who were involved. It will be a softcover book, with 48 pages. It is due out around June of 2005. The retail price is £5.99. Currently Titanic Lost Words can be pre-ordered on's UK website. I will report more details as they become available.

March 6, 2005.
Pig on the Titanic,
by Gary Crew.
This will be a children's book for the pre-school crowd. It tells the story of Maxixe, one of the unsung heroes of that night, a small musical, toy pig that soothed the fears of a lifeboat full of children. It will be a slender, hardcover book.

It is due out shortly. The retail price is $15.99. You can pre-order the Pig on the Titanic on's website.

February 23, 2005.
Finding Dorothy,
by Randy Bryan Bigham.
According to the author, the production process was delayed for a bit longer than he had hoped. But the book is now at the printers, and Randy is hoping for a circa March 4 release date, though it could still be a week or two later than that. Once I have definite confirmation on availability, I will, of course, post a New Book Alert notice.

January 31, 2005.
A new book on the Californian.
Recently heard a rumour from a reliable source that there is a new book on the Californian coming. No details yet, except that it should be out sometime later this year. More news as it becomes available.

January 26, 2005.
Building the Titanic: An Epic Tale of Modern Engineering and Human Endeavour,
by Rod Green.
This book, takes the story of the ship right back to the beginning, to the decision to build it in the first place. From there we go into the shipyard, where 4,000 tradesmen - joiners, fitters, electricians, plumbers, welders, riveters and many more - rivet by rivet, plate by plate, turned those plans and blueprints into a towering hulk of an ocean liner. Illustrated throughout with blueprints, cross-sections and haunting photographs of the Titanic in construction, Building the Titanic adds a fascinating dimension to the history of the world's most famous ship.

This will be a hardcover book with 160 pages. The retail price is £17.99. It is currently due out in June. If you would like to pre-order the book, it is available on's UK site.

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