Titanic Symposium

April 24, 2004


Tour of the
T. S. "State of Maine"

T. S. (Training Ship) "State of Maine" docked at her pier,
prior to a training cruise

Capt. Weeks making sure the crew/students
are on top of what we'll be doing.

Capt. Weeks explains the periscope, which the Quartermaster at the wheel uses to read the Standard Magnetic Compass.

Checking out the Watertight Door panel

Notice how the landlubbers among us are looking
all over the place, while the Captains are fairly
unimpressed by it all!

Mike can't keep his hands off the wheel!

Capt. Weeks pointing out details of the engine room

"State of Maine"'s engines

Shaft Alley
(Those of us who grew up on "The Poseidon Adventure"
know where this is!)