October 7 - 11, 2005    Florence South Carolina

Photos by Bill W., George B., Colleen C., and Boz

Banquet Saturday at Michaels

Patrick, Brian Hawley, Jemma, Brian Meister, Yuri,
Ben, George, Eric

Darren, Sue, Phil, Bill Wormstedt, Bill Willard,
Eric Simpson, Alec Cheek

Phil's first birthday present -
his first baloney sandwich since
November 22, 1963!

"My first baloney sandwich since 1963 -
and my last!"

And a birthday cake!

And a new DVD player,
so he can watch himself in
"Titanic Revealed"!

Patrick, Brian Hawley, Jemma

Clockwise from bottom:
Eric, Ben, Yuri, Bill Willard, Alec Cheek, Eric Simpson,
Sue Willard,
Tammy, Phil

Phil reading an unpublished
survivor account

Eric, George

Darren, Sue, Phil, Bill Wormstedt

Colleen, Phil, Bill Wormstedt

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