October 7 - 11, 2005    Florence South Carolina

Photos by Bill W., George B., Colleen C., and Boz

Miscellaneous Pics

Titanic spotting on the freeway!

Colleen, Phil, Ben, Patrick, Brian
looking over "A Night
to Remember" photos

Eric, Brian, Bill, Phil, Colleen,
Ben, Patrick

Jemma, Phil Gee

Bill & Ben take a break from Titanic!

Bill getting ready to leave!
(was this the first time I tried to leave,
or the second?)

Another shot of Brian's
Olympic treasures!

Boz, Darren, Tammy, George,
Brian, Patrick

Cast of thousands!  (okay, dozens.  two)

What would a trip to Florence be,
without drinking the town dry of Dewskis?