Primary accounts of an officer's suicide

Eugene Patrick Daly
Miss Laura Francatelli
George A. L. Rheims
Richard N. Williams

Primary accounts - no mention of an officer's suicide

Harold S. Bride
Edward Brown
Archibald Gracie
Charles H. Lightoller
Jack Thayer
August Weikman

Secondary accounts of an officer's suicide

May Birkhead
Paul Romaine Chevr´┐Ż
John Collins
Mrs. Charlotte Collyer
Peter Denis Daly
Robert Williams Daniel
Miss Mary Davis
Dr. Washington Dodge
Edward A. Dorking
Lucille Duff-Gordon
Frederick Harris
Abraham Hyman
Carl Olof Jansson
Dr. J. F. Kemp
Dr. A. Lengyel
James R.McGough
J. R. Moody
Oscar W. Olsson
Anna S. Sjoblom
Albert Smith
Victor F. Sunderland
Fred Toppin
Thomas Whitely
Mrs. George D. Widener
Charles Wilhelms
Charles E. Williams
Jack Williams

Secondary accounts - no mention of an officer's suicide

George McGough
Joseph Bruce Ismay
William Mellors
Arthur Henry Rostron
Harry Senior
Gunnar I. Tenglin

Other information relating to a suicide

Which officer's would have had guns?
Why were officers sometimes mis-identified?

Final Analysis

Location, Motivations, & the Means
Alternative Explanations?