From the Cleveland Plain Dealer,April 20, 1912:
                    (courtesy of Inger Sheil)


Titanic's Commander Didn't Commit Suicide

By Plain Dealer's Leased Wire

New York, April 19 - Just before going aboard the Carpathia to resume his interrupted trip, Capt. Rostron paid a high tribute to the courage and seamanship of the ill fated Titanic's commander, Capt. E. J. Smith.

"I wish you would deny in as strong language as permissable this persistent report send out by some press concern that Capt. Smith killed himself when he realised that the Titanic was doomed," said Capt. Rostron. "I have it from the lips of members of his crew who tried to save his life that he did not commit suicide.

"He stuck to the ship until he was washed from the bridge. Then some of his men caught him in the swirling waters and landed him safely on the edge of a lifeboat, but he tumbled back into the ocean and went down. He had been too weakened by hard knocks while being tossed about the sinking Titanic to hold onto anything. The buffeting he encountered on the wrecked ship undoubtedly had dazed him and left him in no condition to exert even his remaining strength.

"Smith was one of the coolest, bravest and most careful commanders I have ever known. His seamanship was of the highest order. Too high a tribute cannot be paid to him by anybody who knew him."