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1) Total number of people on board – 2,208
    Total number of survivors - 712
    Total number of perished - 1,496
    These were proven by a number of noted Titanic researchers, such as Phil Gowan, Lester Mitcham, Hermann Soldner, and others, who all came to the same values. See also the books “On a Sea of Glass” and “Report Into the Loss of the SS Titanic: A Centennial Reappraisal”. Any other numbers are old and out-of-date.  "Over 1500 perished" is wrong.

2) There was no switch of the Olympic and Titanic. See the book "Titanic or Olympic: Which Ship Sank?" by Steve Hall and Bruce Beveridge.

3) Brittle steel and bad rivets were not a cause of the sinking.

4) The coal bunker fire was not a factor in the sinking. See the article “Fire and Ice” in the book "Titanic: Solving the Mysteries" at

5) The correct time difference between Titanic time and New York time was 2 hours and 2 minutes. See the article “Time and Again: Titanic's Final Hours” in the book "Titanic: Solving the Mysteries" at

6) The Titanic WAS said to be unsinkable by the White Star Line. See George Behe’s “How the Titanic Became Unsinkable” at

7) The facts show that Titanic was being run for a Tuesday night arrival. See the chapter “She was built for a Wednesday Ship” in Mark Chirnside and Sam Halpern’s article “Olympic and Titanic: Maiden Voyage Mysteries” at

8) The location of the wreck site (location of the center of the 5 boilers on the bottom) is 41°43.5″N 49°56.8″W. Sam Halpern's website has the data

9) Titanic's centre prop had 3 blades, not 4. Mark Chirnside has the proof at

10)  A black woman named Malinda Borden did not perish on the Titanic. The proof is at both Kyle Hudak's page, and

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