August 16 - 18, 2003    Florence South Carolina - Page 2

Sunday, Aug. 17 at Michaels Restaurant

For the third year in a row, Phil Gowan & Brian Meister gathered together Titanic buffs from around the US, to get together in Florence.  Titanic survivor Katie Gilnagh's daughter-in-law was nice enough to join us again, along with her daughter Anne Marie Murtagh, and grand-daughters Anne, Bridgit and Micheala.

In addition to the great dinners (steak, seafood or Italian), Kalman Tanito gave us a slide show of Hungarian connections to the Titanic, with special emphasis on the football match between the Hungarian team and crewmen from the Carpathia.  Phil also read to us a newly discovered, unpublished survivor account!

Please note - no Mountain Dew this year!  Dew no doubt to those Dewski hounds Behe and Collier being AWOL!

Group photos at the restaurant:

Brian Meister (back to camera), Leigh Dyer, Phil Gowan, Anne Manning, Kyrila Scully, Michael Standart

Alex Cheek, Kyrila Scully, Kalman Tanito, Michael Tennaro

Michael Standart, Brian Hawley

Brian Meister,
Anne Marie Murtagh, Anne Manning, Bridgit Murtagh, Anne Marie Murtagh, Micheala Murtagh, Phil Gowan

Leigh Dyer, Phil Gowan, Anne Manning

Michael Tennaro, Doug Willingham

Phil Gowan, Anne Manning, Brian Meister,
Micheala Murtagh,Bridgit Murtagh,Anne Marie Murtagh

Brian Hawley, Kalman Tanito setting up for Kalman's slide presentation

Dragging out our goodbyes after the restaurant closed! - Michael Standart, Kyrila Scully, Brian Meister, Kalman Tanito, Phil Gee, Phil Gowan

Monday, Aug. 18, Raleigh, North Carolina

Kalman outside the North Carolina Titanic Exhibit (but that sure don't look Titanic related to me!)

Tuesday, Aug. 19,  Scenes in Florence