Monday (continued):


Dinner at PA'S RESTAURANT, Florence SC


bill_w.JPG (90892 bytes)

Bill W stuffed from dinner!

(wait a minute - the napkins are still folded, silverware clean and Dewskis still filled!)


dewski moment2.JPG (90216 bytes)

Another Dewski moment!   George, Brian and Geoff  (do you get the idea George is a man with a mission? 

Or maybe owns stock in Mountain Dew?)



mike-george2.JPG (66682 bytes)


Mike & George


G&A&C2.JPG (49819 bytes)


Geoff, Alma and Colleen


Geoff & Alma.JPG (90840 bytes)

Geoff and Alma Whitfield


Anne-Marie, Phil, 2 mikes.JPG (90115 bytes)

Anne Manning (Katy Gilnagh's daughter-in-law), Phil Gowan, Mike Tennaro and Mike Herbold


Bill & Susan W.JPG (92266 bytes)

Bill & Sue Willard


1table2.JPG (96475 bytes)

Alex Cheek, Beckey Payne and Emilie Lott


1table3.JPG (92390 bytes)

George, Brian & Geoff (and the back of Bill's head)


2table2.JPG (92429 bytes)

Emilie Lott, Phil Gee, Brian Meister, Bill Willard


YB&S.JPG (98129 bytes)

Bill & Sue Willard, Yuri Singleton


Carolina women 2002.jpg (93940 bytes)

left to right:  Colleen Collier, Anne Manning (Katie Gilnagh's daughter-in-law), Sue Willard, Emilie Lott, Alma Whitfield,

Beckey Payne, Anne Marie Murtagh (Katie Gilnagh's grand-daughter), Anne Marie Murtagh, Bridgit Murtagh,

and Micheala Murtagh (Katie Gilnagh's great-grand-daughters)



3 beautiful guests.JPG (88090 bytes)


Katie Gilnagh would be proud!

Katie's great-grand-daughters:  Anne Marie, Bridgit and Micheala Murtagh



The F word.JPG (93133 bytes)   the F word aftershock.JPG (95360 bytes)


Brian gets "the news"!



the chat.JPG (97854 bytes)


Colleen chats with Bridgit

(personally, I think she was having withdrawal from her kids!)




Breakfast at Shoney's

MIKEHERB.JPG (18202 bytes)

Mike Herbold


MIKETEN.JPG (18339 bytes)

Mike Tennaro


BILL.JPG (15588 bytes)

The Big W


PHIL.JPG (17390 bytes)



The Battery, Charlston SC

COLLEEN.JPG (14158 bytes)

Colleen (if you want to see the Atlantic, Colleen, TURN AROUND!)


who is it.JPG (97852 bytes)

Battery Park, Charleston SC - note the dark cloud over Phil's head, as George prepares to take

an incriminating photograph!  Will he pick up and talk to Brian? The bets are on!


ismay_park_bench.JPG (91989 bytes)

Setting up the scene for THE BIRDS


Maine_men.JPG (85962 bytes)

The marines getting ready to fire shots at Fort Sumter across the bay, where Brian and Geoff just

'happened' to be visiting.


uss maine plaque.JPG (91424 bytes)

Close up on the plaque in photo above.


dreamhome2.JPG (91837 bytes)

George, have you told Pat yet about the down payment you made on this?


GEOFALMA.JPG (19865 bytes)

Brian, Alma & Geoff (note Alma punching poor Geoff!)



PHILBILL.JPG (17719 bytes)

Phil and Bill stare in shock, as George is deported at the Florence Airport.  George lost control after

an hour of watching Maury Pauvich!   "Why can't I get on that show?", he says.


sleeping beauty.JPG (93937 bytes)

George attempting to recover from the trip, after returning home to Mount Clemens


MARX.JPG (16202 bytes)