Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Woolner, Mr Hugh Collapsible D Collapsible D 5.00
Björnström-Steffansson, Mr Mauritz Collapsible D Collapsible D 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of Hugh Woolner, pages 887-888
    Mr. WOOLNER. On that A deck. Then we hopped up onto the gunwale preparing to jump out into the sea, because if we had waited a minute longer we should have been boxed in against the ceiling. And as we looked out we saw this collapsible, the last boat on the port side, being lowered right in front of our faces.
    Senator SMITH.  How far out?
    Mr. WOOLNER.  It was about 9 feet out?
    Senator SMITH.  Nine feet out from the side of A deck?
    Mr. WOOLNER. Yes.
    Senator SMITH. You saw a collapsible boat being lowered?
    Mr. WOOLNER.  Being lowered; yes.
    Senator SMITH. Was it filled with people?
    Mr. WOOLNER. It was full up to the bow, and I said to Steffanson: "There is nobody in the bows. Let us make a jump for it. You go first." And he jumped out and tumbled in head over heels into the bow, and I jumped too, and hit the gunwale with my chest, which had on this life preserver, of course  and I sort of bounced off the gunwale and caught the gunwale with my fingers, and slipped off backwards.
    Senator SMITH. Into the water?
    Mr. WOOLNER. As my legs dropped down I felt that they were in the sea.
    Senator SMITH. You pulled yourself up out of the water?
    Mr. WOOLNER.  Yes; and then I hooked my right heel over the gunwale, and by this time Steffanson was standing up, and he caught hold of me and lifted me in.

In his 1935 book, Lightoller said:
     "As this boat was being lowered (the last collapsible, D), two men passengers jumped into her from the deck below.”

A very clear reference to Woolner and Steffanson, though Lightoller did not know their names.