Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Spedden, Mr Frederic Oakley 3 3 5.00
Spedden, Mrs Margaretta Corning 3 3 5.00
Spedden, Master Robert Douglas 3 3 5.00
Burns, Miss Elizabeth Margaret 3 3 5.00
Wilson, Miss Helen Alice 3 3 5.00


A letter written by Mrs. Spedden on April 18th, 1912, while still aboard the Carpathia, confirms all 5 of these people, the family and their retainers, all on lifeboat #3.  This letter was reprinted in full in On Board the RMS Titanic by George Behe.
    “I grabbed my jewelry, and we five kept close together and went up on the boat deck where 2 boats were being lowered. We got in the 3rd, and F[red] said goodbye to us, but even then we simply could not realize that anything serious was going to happen and I felt that F. would be in the next boat, so you may imagine my joy when I suddenly saw him near me. There were no other women on deck at the time so he and about 20 other men were ordered to jump in and the boat was lowered from an enormous height, and many times it looked as if it would upset but no one moved or spoke
and we finally reached the water and rowed off.     …  Altogether there were 32 of us, 10 of them being stokers and sailors, but we had no officer with us.”

In an April 15th diary entry:
     “After a few minutes wait, F decided to go to the boat deck to find out what was going on, and seeing that some of the boats had already been lowered, and another one, No. 3, was being filled, he came down to get us.  There was a little group of men gather on the deck at the time, and they were ordered by Chief Officer Murdoch to wait while, Burns, Alice, D. F. and I were put in the boat. ……  There were about 15 women and 23 men in the boat, about ten of the latter, stokers, who were crowded into the bow with us.”

Archibald Cracie in his book The Truth About the Titanic confirms the Speddens in #3.