Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Rothes, Lucy-Noël Martha, the Countess of Rothes 8 8 5.00
Bessette, Miss Nellie Mayo 8 8 5.00
Kenyon, Mrs Marion Estelle 8 8 5.00
Leader, Dr Alice 8 8 5.00
Maioni, Miss Roberta Elizabeth Mary 8 8 5.00
Swift, Mrs Margaret Welles 8 8 5.00
White, Mrs Ella Bertha 8 8 5.00
Young, Miss Marie Grice 8 8 5.00

American Inquiry
Testimony of Ella White
    Page 1006 & 1009 – Mrs White says she went up topside with Miss Young, her maid Miss Bessette, and her manservant.  She later said her manservant (valet) was lost.  She specifically said she was in #8.
    Page 1010, she lists the following women in her boat:  “Mrs. Kenyon, Mrs. Dr. Leder, of Brooklyn; Mrs. Swift, and the Countess Rothe, who was at the tiller, and her maid [Maioni], and Miss Young, my maid [Bessette], and myself. I did not know any other ladies. Those were the ladies right around me.”

Marie Young’s letter of April 18 1912 (On Board RMS Titanic by Behe, pages 182 to 184) agrees.  She mentions being in #8, and Mrs Swift being in the boat with her.  She says “We depended on girls to steer us [the Countess].”