Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Pugh, Mr Alfred
14 14 5.00
Phillimore, Mr Harold Charles William
jumped into the sea 14 5.00

A July 20, 1955 letter to Walter Lord, which is held at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and republished on Paul Lee’s website at, says the following.
    “We filled up No 18 (sic) boat, then did the same to No 16 Boat. We met the 5th Officer there (Mr.Webb) [sic-Lowe]. After filling the boat Mr.Moody remarked that he would go and see if he could be of help elsewhere telling me to stand by. Mr.Webb then detailed the crew to man the boat and asked me if I could manage the oars (being large and me very small) I said yes, as I had already done so at Boat Drill before leaving Southampton. Right he said jump in, and he followed taking charge. We cleared the ship alright and up to then there was no panic. I had not heard the Band playing but in the distance I could hear people singing 'For those in peril on the sea' after a while Mr.Webb got all the lifeboats to keep together as he said there was a better chance to be seen. We transferred our 58 passengers to the other boats then started to search for any survivors after the ship had disappeared."

In 1964, Phillimore wrote a letter to Ed Kamuda of the THS (reprinted in Commutator #222, page 75), which stated:
    “I remember jumping over-board and was on some wreckage for 2 ½ hrs when I was picked up by the fifth Officer, a man named Lowe. The who helped me into the Boat was the late Mr. Alfred Pugh, by this time I was frozen stiff.”

Pugh and Phillimore’s presence in #14 is mutually confirmed by both of their accounts.