Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Poingdestre, Mr John Thomas 12 12 5.00
Clench, Mr Frederick 12 12 5.00


British Inquiry
Testimony of John Poingdestre
    2946. When you got back to No. 12, was there any officer there? - Yes.
    2947. Who? - Mr. Lightoller.
    2948. Any seamen, firemen, or anybody else? - Yes, there were some sailors there.
    2949. Do you know their names? - Yes.
    2950. What were their names? - There was Lucas, who lowered the boat, and another man who lowered the other end I did not know, but another man I asked to come in the boat by the name of Clinch [Clench].
    2951. Did he come in the boat? - He came in the boat at my own request.
    2952. That is an officer and three seamen? - No, they were gone.
    2953. Two of them helped to lower? - And two of us were in the boat.
    2954. You and the third one were in the boat? - Yes.
    2955. So that the boat, when it was lowered to the water, contained two sailors, you and Clinch [Clench]? - Yes.

American Inquiry
Testimony of Frederick Clench, page 636
     Mr. CLENCH. .... When I got back to No. 12 again, the chief officer happened to come along, and he said, "How many men have you in this boat?" There was one man in the boat, one sailor, and I said, "Only one, sir." He looked up, and me being the only sailor there, he said, "Jump into that boat," he said, "and make the complement" - that was two seamen.
     Senator BOURNE. That was in No. 14?
     Mr. CLENCH. That was in No. 12, sir. That was the boat I went away in. I goes into the boat, and then, of course, we had to wait for orders to lower away. We started lowering away and get down to the water. I goes and gets the tumbler and drops clear into the water, and drops clear of the blocks.
    Senator BOURNE. The tumbler being the loosener from the fall?
     Mr. CLENCH. Yes, sir; pulls the hook back so we dropped clear of the falls. Then we had orders to pull away from the ship.