Lifeboat from Titanic
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Phillips, Miss Alice Frances Louisa

Beaver Falls Daily Times (Pennsylvania), April 26, 1912, interview with Miss Phillips:
    “I am not sure as to what boat I was placed in, but think it was no. 14.
    We rowed about for some hours and later picked up seventeen men who were floating on a raft, but one of them was dead.”

She believed her boat was #14 and says it was the third to leave the ship. However, she was clearly in #12. She mentions no transfer to another boat, but does say they took some men from another boat. Later they rescued the men from collapsible B, including the dead body, resulting in an extremely full boat.

In the April 20 1912 Beaver Falls Daily Edition, she told the reporter she was “placed in the third boat leaving the sinking vessel. “ The research shows the portside aft lifeboats were lowered starting with 16, then 14, 12, and finally 10… 12 being the third.

Colonel Gracie in his book The Truth About the Titanic
listed her as being in boat 12.  This lines up with her April 26th account, since lifeboat 12 rescued those in collapsible B.