Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Perreault, Miss Mary Anne
13 13 3.44

An unnamed newspaper account, dated December 11, 1912, says:
    "Mrs. Pickett (Perreault) was taken off in life boat number 13."

The Trenton Evening Times of April 14, 1923 also lists Mrs.Pickett (Perreault) being in #13.  However, this account does not say anything about her being with her employer Mrs. Hays, and implies she was alone while trying to escape. 

A family account from Mrs. Pickett's grandaughter was posted on ET years ago.  In regards to Perreault, it says:
    "Mary Ann was not on lifeboat #3. She was on #13 and not with Mrs. Hays. She was on the opposite side of the ship from her party and boarded the lifeboat without the rest of her party. She was not aware of any of them being saved until she found them on the rescue ship, the Carpathia."

Since Mrs. Hays and Miss Perreault's staterooms were quite far from each other (B-69 and B-24) we think it very possible that Miss Perreault did not meet up with her employer until on the Carpathia.

A statement by Howard Kelley of the Grand Trunk Railroad to the press, Manitoba Free Press, April 20, 1912:
    "Mrs. Hays spent the night in the open boat with her daughter and maid (Perreault), and suffered considerable discomfort from the extreme cold."

We are sure Mrs. Hays and her daughter were in #3.

The problem with Mary Anne’s accounts was that she doesn’t give any details about her lifeboat experiences to help us decide whether she was correct in being in #13 or if she was with her employers in #3.  Considering the multiple first hand statements that she was in #13, we felt that was the most likely lifeboat and not #3, but we cannot be sure.