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Perkis, Mr Walter John 4 4 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of Walter Perkis, page 581

    Senator PERKINS. When you went on deck, what was the number of the boat you were assigned to?
    Mr. PERKIS. No. 4.
    Senator PERKINS. Who gave you orders to take to her, Mr. Murdoch?
    Mr. PERKIS. No, sir; there was nobody. The boat was lowered. I lowered No. 4 into the water, and left that boat, and walked aft; and I came back, and a man that was in the boat, one of the seamen that was in the boat at the time, sung out to me, "We need another hand down here." So I slid down the life line there from the davit into the boat.
    Senator PERKINS. How far is the distance from the upper deck down to the water?
    Mr. PERKIS. About seventy-odd feet.
    Senator PERKINS. And you went hand over hand down?
    Mr. PERKIS. Down the life line; yes, sir.
    Senator PERKINS. It is quite a distance to go down in that way. You were a quartermaster?
    Mr. PERKIS. Yes, sir.
    Senator PERKINS. You had charge of the boat, did you not?
    Mr. PERKIS. I took charge of the boat after I got in.