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Pearcey, Mr Albert Victor Collapsible C
Collapsible C 5.00

British Inquiry
Testimony of Albert Pearcey
    10390. When you got to the boat deck will you tell us what you saw? - I saw two babies on the deck; I picked them up in my arms and took them to the boat.
    10391. Do you know what boat it was you took them to? - A collapsible boat.
    10392. Was there any officer there? - Yes.
    10393. Who? - The Chief, Mr. Murdoch.
    10394. Do you remember whether the collapsible was on the starboard or the port side? - On the starboard side.
    10395. Did Mr. Murdoch give you any order? - Yes.
    10396. What was it? - He told me to get inside with the babies and take charge of them.
    10397. Were you attached to any boat; had you a station on any boat? - Yes.
    10398. What was it? - No. 3 on the starboard side.
    10399. That was the second boat - the first lifeboat after the emergency? - Yes.
    10400. Did you notice what had happened with regard to any of the other boats on the starboard side when you were ordered into the collapsible? - Not at all.
    10401. When you came on the boat deck you did not see? - No.
    10402. Did you notice whether No. 3 boat, your own boat, was there or not? - Yes, it was gone.
    10403. You did notice that No. 3 boat was gone? - Yes, my boat was gone.
    10404. Where was the collapsible when you were told to get into it? - By the side of No. 3 on the starboard side.
    10405. On the starboard side? - Yes, on the starboard side close to number 3. That was the boat I was stationed in.
    10406. Close by where number 3 would have been if it had been in its ordinary place? - Yes.
    10407. Had it been moved or was it where you usually saw it? - It was where I always saw it.
    10408. Did you notice whether the emergency boat had gone or not? - No.
    10409. Did you notice anything more at all about the boats except that number 3 was gone? - No, I never noticed anything more.
    10410. Were there people in the collapsible boat? - Yes.
    10411. Were they women or men? - All women, Sir.
    10412. And children? - Children and women.
    10413. And some of the crew? - Five of the crew with the Quartermaster.
    10414. Did that include yourself? - There were three Firemen, myself, and a Quartermaster.
    10415. Do you remember how many you were in the boat? - Just about sixty-six.
    10416. Does that include the crew? - That is without counting the crew.
    10417. About sixty-six passengers? - Sixty-six passengers and five of the crew - seventy-one.

    10421. Do you remember how the collapsible was launched at all into the water? - No. It is launched, of course. It is put down the side.
    10422. It is put over the side? - It was swung out.
    10423. By the davits? - Yes.

    10437. Your boat was launched over the side by means of the falls? What happened to it, do you remember? What happened when you first got to the water? Did it float all right? - Yes.
    10438. Were the sides up - the canvas bulwarks? - Yes.
    10439. Was it dry when you got into the water? - Yes.
    10440. Who was in charge? - The Quartermaster.

Discussions talked about how accurate his overall testimony was other than the estimate he gave of the number of people in collapsible C, which was considerably off.