Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Oxenham, Mr Percy Thomas 13 13 4.25


Hudson Observer, April 23rd 1912:
    "I had been standing with my friend, Harris, watching the lifeboats depart about three-quarters filled, when he walked to the other side of the deck to see another boat placed on the calm waters. I remained in my position when an officer came up to me and said: "'Are there any more women on this deck to go into the lifeboats?'
    I replied that I did not know, and then he said:  'Well, jump in here and take an oar, anyway. We need someone here.'
    The boat was No. 13. Before we were lowered and away from the ship the second-cabin women passengers seem to have gone to other parts of the ship."

Perth Amboy Evening News, 26 April 1912:
     "... He was one of the second cabin passengers and when the crash came he was in bed asleep. He said that he hastily dressed himself, putting on trousers, shirt and a coat, and came out on deck. The orders were given for all hands to put on life belts and that women and children should leave the ship in the lifeboats first. He said that he assisted in placing the life belts on some women and one of the officers asked him if he could handle an oar.
    When he replied in the affirmative he was placed in the next to the last boat that left the ship."

Being that the "next to the last boat" can be understood several ways, a few of us were not completely convinced he was in #13.