Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Osman, Mr Frank 2 2 5.00


American Inquiry
Testimony of Frank Osmond, pages 537-538

    Mr. OSMAN. I was waiting for one bell, which they strike, one bell just before the quarter of the hour, before the four hours, when you get a call to relieve; and I heard three bells strike, and I thought there was a ship ahead. Just after that I heard the collision, and I went out in the foresquare, that is, the forewell deck, just against the seamen's mess room. Looking in the forewell square I saw ice was there. I went down below and stepped down there, and seen the ship was getting a bit of a list. Then they passed the order that all the seamen had to go up and clear away all the boats. All of us went up and cleared away the boats. After that we loaded all the boats there were, and I went away in No. 2 boat, the fourth from the last to leave the ship.
    Senator B
URTON. Was yours lowered first, second, or third?

    Mr. O
SMAN. Fourth from the last, about the sixteenth boat to lower.

    Senator B
URTON. Who had command of that boat?

    Mr. O
SMAN. The fourth officer, Mr. Boxhall.