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O'Keefe, Mr Patrick Collapsible B

4 or 12

Syracuse Herald, April 21, 1912:
    "Torkins (sic Dorkings), Sunderland, and O’Keefe jumped from the ship a short time before she went down. They swam to an upturned boat which was floating a few hundred yards away."

Auburn Citizen April 27, 1912:
    "Another act of heroism was performed by James (sic Patrick) O’Keefe, a Waterford boy, who plunging into the sea from the steerage deck, managed to capture a collapsible raft on which he pulled first an Englishman from Southampton, then a Guernsey Islander."

Joseph Duquemin was the Titanic's only male survivor from Guernsey, and we think he was on Collapsible B.

We compared O'Keefe's account to the accounts of Dorkings and Sunderland to come to our conclusion.

Though the team are sure he was on Collapsible B, we could not determine which boat he transferred to, #4 or #12.