Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
O'Dwyer, Miss Ellen
10 10 4.83

Limerick Chronicle, May 7th 1912:
    "The poor girl that was to go in the boat just before me was afraid. She jumped and missed the boat, all but one ankle, and a man at the oars grabbed her. She slipped from his hold and was drowned. I got afraid and an officer lifted me. Someone said, 'Careful there,' and I was dropped into the boat…  I could see just before the explosion just dimly the face of a woman who had six children with her on board. I think none of the little ones got up soon enough to be saved. The poor mother never left the ship… A little while after, we could see one boat with a green light on it. In our boat was a tall man with a moustache, and he seemed to have some giving of orders. We had sixty-five in the boat, and they started taking people out and putting them in boats that had very few in them."

Discussions included that the story of the girl falling between the lifeboat and the ship matched the incident at lifeboat 10 as well as the switching around of people in the boats. We also discussed a possibility that the woman with children Miss O'Dwyer referred to was Selma Asplund.  However, we could not be 100% certain of this.