Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
O'Connor, Mr John
Collapsible B
4 or 12

No account from John O’Connor has been found.  However, fellow crewmember John Podesta stated the following in his account in the Southampton Echo on May 27, 1968:
    “We were treated very well on board the Carpathia; we had biscuits to start with and some rum which warmed us up a bit. Then I saw two of our Firemen who were picked up off a raft, shivering terribly with the cold. My mate and I gave them blankets and rubbed their legs to start up their circulations. Their names were John Connor and Wally Hurst. Connor died some years ago, but Hurst is still living - he still suffers with his legs every winter. He is seventy two years old now.”

During the course of our research, we concluded with certainty that Walter Hurst was rescued aboard Collapsible B.  Due to this, we have likewise concluded, with confidence, if not certainty, that O’Connor was also aboard Collapsible B.  There is no evidence to conclude whether he was subsequently transferred into boat #4 or #12.