Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Nysten, Miss Anna Sofia
13 13 4.11
Sandström, Mrs Agnes Charlotta
13 13 4.11
Sandström, Miss Marguerite Rut
13 13 4.11
Sandström, Miss Beatrice Irene
13 13 4.11

Audio interview in Swedish with Mrs. Sandstrom circa 1962:
    “In my lifeboat, there were 65 places, but we were 85 passengers. We had to push back a man because we were already too many. The man who pushed the other, was so afraid that his hairs became white in one hour.”

Discussions included pointing out that Alexander Littlejohn and family claimed his hair turned white because of the sinking.  A biography printed about him included a photo of him with his hair turned white. We all agreed he was definitely in boat 13.

An account, shared online by Peter Engstrom, in the Swedish newspaper Gamla Och Nya Hemlandet from April 30, 1912, says Mrs. Sandstrom was in boat 13. A private 1912 letter says Anna Nysten was in her boat. Thure Lundstrom, in the Chicago Daily News April 24, 1912 edition, says he put Mrs. Sandstrom in the “the thirteenth boat”.

We could not be sure she was in #13, though all the available evidence does point that way.