Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Neal, Mr Henry
13 5.00

Daily Mirror, April 30th 1912:
    "An assistant baker named Neal and a third class steward, both from Southampton, were taken off by boat 13, which was the boat they were assigned to on the ship’s list. Neal told me he worked on in the bakery as usual for thirty-five minutes after the ship struck, and then the order came to get lifebelts.
    Boat 13 was nearly filled with women and children from the second and third class. He was dressed in his working clothes. His companion and chum was just going on duty as third class steward, and had only trousers, vest and overcoat."

Steward Frederick Dent Ray, confirmed in #13, said at the American Inquiry, page 807:
    Mr. RAY.  As far as I can remember, sir, there were about four or five firemen, one baker, and three stewards. The remainder were second and first class passengers and third-class passengers.

We believe Ray's "baker" was Mr. Neal.