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Navratil, Master Edmond Roger
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Navratil, Master Michel Marcel
Collapsible D Collapsible D 5.00

The Truth about the Titanic by Archibald Gracie lists the Navratil brothers under ‘Engelhardt Boat D’

Gracie quotes some of Woolner’s American Inquiry testimony, and paraphases some of it.
    “The Carpathia seemed to come up slowly, and then she stopped. We looked out and saw there was a boat alongside and then we realized she was waiting for us to come up to her instead of her coming to us, as we hoped. Then Mr. Lowe towed us with his boat, No. 14, under sail. After taking a group of people off of boat *'A''— a dozen of them—including one woman, we sailed to the Carpathia. There was a child in the boat —one of those little children whose parents everybody was looking for (the Navratil children).”

American Inquiry
Testimony of Hugh Woolner
    Senator SMITH. Did anybody ask for food?
    Mr. WOOLNER. No. A sailor offered some biscuits, which I was using for feeding a small child who had waked up and was crying. It was one of those little children for whose parents everybody was looking; the larger of those two.
    Senator SMITH. Its mother was not on this boat?
    Mr. WOOLNER. No.
    Senator SMITH. How old was that child?
    Mr. WOOLNER. I should think it was about 5, as nearly as I can judge.
    Senator SMITH. Do you know of what nationality it was?
    Mr. WOOLNER. I could not quite make out.
    Senator SMITH. Do you know whether it was English or American?
    Mr. WOOLNER. I should say it was not either. I should think it was -
    Senator SMITH. (Interposing). I mean whether it belonged to an English parent or American parent?
    Mr. WOOLNER. It looked like a French child; but it kept shouting for its doll, and I could not make out what it said before that. It kept saying it over and over again.
    Senator SMITH. Were there two of these children in the boat?
    Mr. WOOLNER. I cannot tell. This is the only one that I had anything to do with. There were several other children in the boat. We handed them into a bag, and they were pulled up the Carpathia's side.

Woolner also mentions them in his letter published in the New York Sun on April 19, 1912.

Our discussions also pointed out other Collapsible D passengers who remembered the Navratils such as Renee Harris (Liberty Magazine, April 23, 1932) and Edwina Troutt (in interviews with Don Lynch).