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Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Fort Wayne News April 19, 1912, letter to Mrs. Astor:
    “Dear Mrs. Astor. I sat in the same boat which saved you when the Titanic went down. I also will soon have a baby. My husband, Nicholas, was drowned. All our money and things went down with him.....I am twenty-one. I married Nicholas nearly three years ago. He used to have a tannery in Brazil. We were returning to the old country and had got as far as France when we learned that Turkey and Italy were fighting. We started back for New York on the Titanic. Alas, that we did. This is all that is necessary to let you know. Hoping you will live forever in my (illegible). ADELE NASRALLAH.”

Daily Mirror April 30, 1912, interview with Elizabeth Leather, who was in lifeboat #16:
    “We had a poor Portuguese bride on our boat, who lost her husband. She could not speak anything but Portuguese. They were on their honeymoon. When she was taken on the Carpathia she thought she was back on the Titanic, and was brokenhearted to find her mistake and know her husband was gone.”

Adele, although from Syria, had been living in Brazil with her husband who had a business there and where the official language is Portuguese.  And lifeboat #16 was the first boat you would have come to, having exited the deckhouse from the Second Class Entrance.  Also, Mrs. Astor was definitely in #4.