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Belfast Evening Telegraph, May 6, 1912.  Reprinted in Voyage 110:
    "'I was a member of the crew of number l6 lifeboat' commented Mr. Murdock. ....  My boat, a collapsible, was the last to leave the port side - the side to which the vessel listed - and I helped lo get the women and children in. There were about 15 of them. When the boat was full she was lowered away."

Daily Telegraph, April 29th 1912:
Told to go and help with the boats. All the chaps who had been with him at the time of the collision were lost.
    “I was ordered into the last lifeboat, but one, and I was down to row. I found two Chinamen under the seat and I can tell you I wasn’t pleased."

he said the port boat, he specifically said the side to which the ship was listing. That would be D and not C.  However, the Chinese survivors are known to have been saved in Collapsible C instead of D.