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Mills, Mr Christopher Collapsible C
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Staffordshire Sentinel, December 8th 1930:
    "We regret to announce the death which has occurred at Southampton of Mr Christopher Mills, aged 70, a native of Longdon, who was one of the 200 survivors of the crew of the ill-fated Titanic.
    Discussing the sinking of the Titanic, Mrs. Heath said No.13 proved to be her brother's lucky number, for that was he number of the boat in which he got away.
    He had only a top coat and his bedclothes on," she added, "but he stuck to his knife and with this managed to cut away the ropes which held the boat to the doomed liner. It was two hours before they were picked up."

The assumption that he was in Collapsible C may come from Bruce Ismay's comments before the American Inquiry, where he says, "At the oars, I believe one was a cook, another was the butcher, and another was the quartermaster."

It could be argued that the boat 13 comment is second hand, while Ismay's comment about the butcher is first hand info, but it's admittedly not much to go on. Mills is the only 'butcher' that was saved.  But how well would Ismay have known specific crew members like that?