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McIntyre, Mr William Collapsible A

McIntyre interview in the New York Times, April 23, 1912:
    "Thomson and I were in the sea when the ship sank, not more than thirty yards away. It was after she sank that the collapsible lifeboat picked us up.
    The decks were crowded as she went down. I never heard such shrieks and moans. It seemed as though the sea was packed with struggling men and women. We could hear them shriek for half an hour or so. They were not drawn down by the vortex. They died a slow death. At the end of half an hour it was as quiet as a graveyard...
    When the Carpathia docked the ambulance surgeon came to take us to St. Vincent's Hospital, but the doctor on the Carpathia, an Englishman, tried to stop him from taking us off. He said we were going right back on the next boat. I thought they would not take us for a while, but as soon as I said we were from the Titanic they overruled the ship doctor and took us away."

We already determined that Thompson was on Collapsible A with a vote of 5, along with Brown and Abelseth. The above account links McIntyre with Thompson.

Seattle Daily Times, April 19, 1912 carried a list of who was in various hospitals and why, and McIntyre is listed at St. Vincent's, as having frostbitten feet.