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McGowan, Miss Annie
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Chicago Examiner, April 23, 1912. The article suggests that her aunt was with her, but for some reason did not enter a lifeboat with her niece:
     “Could not tell last night how she had been saved. She said she only remembered being thrust into a boat, as she was standing beside her aunt on the deck.”

Sunday Herald, April 15, 1984:
     She believed she was in one of the first boats, and that one man demanded to be allowed in and was. This might point to boat #9, or possibly #11 if the man got there early.

Anna Kelly said in the Chicago American on April 23 1912 that Annie McGowan was with her when they were heading up on deck, but ended up swept up in the crowd to the other side of the ship, and she didn't see her for the rest of the night. We can infer, but not prove, that she ended up boarding a lifeboat on the opposite side from Kelly. We put Miss Kelly in D, so if they were indeed on opposite sides, this supports Miss McGowan being in a starboard boat, and the 'one man demanded to be allowed in' leads us to perhaps boat #9.