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McGough, Mr George Francis  9


In the British Inquiry, Question 395, Able Bodied Seaman Joseph Scarrott mentioned that Able Bodied Seaman George McGough lowered the aft falls of boat #14.  In the American Inquiry, page 657, Boatswain’s Mate Albert Haines stated that McGough left in boat #9, and was one of two sailors with him in that boat.

McGough, who went by the nickname “Paddy,” is mentioned in the accounts of numerous other survivors who were in boat #9, including Fireman George Kemish (letter to Walter Lord, 1955), Second Class passenger Bertha Watt (Jefferson High School paper, 1917; and letter to Walter Lord, April 10, 1963), and in the account of Second Class passenger Sidney Collett (The Auburn Citizen, April 23, 1912).

Due to all of the supporting accounts, we concluded, with certainty, that George McGough was rescued in boat #9.