Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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McGann, Mr James
Collapsible B

4 or 12

In Archibald Gracie's book The Truth about the Titanic, page 97,Gracie says::
    "Another survivor on our upturned boat, James McGann, a fireman, interviewed by the New York Tribune on April 20th, says that he was one of the thirty of us, mostly firemen, clinging to it as she left the ship. As to the suffering endured that night, he says: 'All our legs were frostbitten and we were all in the hospital for a day at least.'"

Nova Scotian, April 26, 1912:
    "I had gone to the bridge deck to assist in lowering a collapsible boat. The water was then coming over the bridge and we were unable to launch the boat properly. It was overturned and was used as a life-raft, some thirty or more of us, mostly firemen, clinging to it. Captain Smith looked as though he was trying to keep back the tears as he thought of the doomed ship. He turned to the men lowering the boat and shouted: 'Well, boys, It's every man for himself.'"

We have not found any account telling which of the two boats, #12 or #14, McGann transferred to off of Collapsible B.