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McCormack, Mr Thomas Joseph
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McCormack claimed to have been rescued from the water in several accounts.  He claimed the following in The Jersey Journal, April 20, 1912:
    “Thomas McCormack…had a thrilling escape from death, according to the stories he related to his sister, Catherine, and brother-in-law Bernard Evers, yesterday at St. Vincent’s Hospital…where he is confined owing to exposure…
    …When McCormack saw that he would be unable to get a seat in one of the life boats he did not hesitate, but sprang from the decks of the Titanic into the ocean…he had considerable trouble keeping above the water…he started to swim towards a life boat a short distance away.
    …As he neared the life boat which was moving slowly…he was warned off by the sailors who were in the boat…
    …he seized the side of the boat only to be repeatedly beaten off by sailors. Blow after blow were showered on his hands, arms and body from their oars…and finally he was obliged to release his hold.
    Another life boat came along a few minutes afterward and McCormack…repeated his attempt, this time successfully.”

McCormack claimed that he was again beaten before he got into the second boat, but was able to remain aboard.   

McCormack repeated this story in The New York Sun on April 21, 1912.  In this version, he claimed that Catherine and Margaret Murphy pulled him into the second lifeboat.  We concluded that the Murphy sisters were rescued in either boat #10 or #14.  No witnesses in either lifeboat recalled an incident similar to that which McCormack claimed.

Although McCormack being hospitalized in St. Vincent’s raises the possibility that he may have ended up in the water, other details of his account are far-fetched and not supported by other witnesses.  It is also possible that he was injured in some other way, unrelated to being in the water.

It appears possible that McCormack could have ended up in the same lifeboat as the Murphy sisters, but that is not certain.  In the end, we could not determine which lifeboat McCormack actually was rescued in, and voted 1, for no particular boat.