Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Lucas, Mr William Collapsible A 14 5.00
Weikman, Mr August Henry Collapsible A 14 5.00


British Inquiry
Testimony of Frank Morris
    5485. You said you rescued certain people from a collapsible boat which was in a sinking condition. Do you know what was the matter with the collapsible boat? - I should think the sides had not been fixed properly.
    5486. You do not know of your own knowledge? - No.
    5487. Can you give the name of any single one of the persons who was transferred from that collapsible boat to your boat? - Yes.
    5488. Will you give the names? - Brown.
    5489. What is he? - First-class Steward.
    5490. Can you give any other name? - Lucas, First-class Steward.
    5491. Anybody else? - And the First-class Barber.
    5492. Do you know his name? - Gus Whiteman. [August Weikman.]
    5493. Anybody else? - No.

Testimony of Edward Brown
    10594. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Just in order to get the names, if I can, of some of the people in your collapsible boat, do you know the names of any member of the crew that was in that collapsible boat? - Two besides myself.
    10595. You know the names of two? - Yes.
    10596. Will you give me their names? - Gus Whiteman, [August Weikman] the Chief Barber, the First class Barber, and W. Lucas, a First class Steward.

Brown is saying that Lucas and Weikman were on Collapsible A with him.  Morris relates that Brown, Lucas and Weikman transferred from Collapsible A to his lifeboat, #14.