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From the Canton Evening Repository (Ohio), April 20th 1912:
    "Mrs Louch said, “After a few minutes we returned to the main deck and everything was confusion. At first members of the crew tried to get into the lifeboats, but were driven back by officers. There was no discipline.
    Babies were grabbed from their mothers’ arms and roughly thrown into the lifeboats. I saw one woman throw her arms about her husband and cry to the sailors to take him into a boat. Instead of taking the man, a sailor drew a revolver and pressing it against the man’s head killed him. This body was tossed into the water and the woman was thrown into a lifeboat.”

The descriptions of the scenes on deck suggest a boat at the aft end of the port side. Her descriptions of babies being thrown into the boat is similar to the testimony given at the British Inquiry by Baker Charles Joughin, who said, about lifeboat 10.
    5987. Did you put them into the boat?
- We threw them in. The boat was standing off about a yard and a half from the ship's side, with a slight list. We could not put them in; we could either hand them in or just drop them in.

This is supported by the testimony of Seaman Alfred Evans at the American Inquiry, page 675.
    Senator SMITH.  That boat was lowered. Were there any male passengers in there; any members of the crew, males?
    Mr. EVANS. ...  He said, "Get into that boat," and I got into the bows of this boat, and a young ship's baker was getting the children and chucking them into the boat, and the women were jumping. Mr. Murdoch made them jump across into the boat.
....  It was about two feet and a half, sir. He was making the women jump across, and the children he was chucking across, along with this baker. He throwed them onto the women, and he was catching the children by their dresses and chucking them in.

However, Mrs Louch’s mentions of seeing a man shot or threatened by a revolver, describes what was seen at lifeboat 14, when Officer Lowe deterred men from jumping.

Therefore, while lifeboat 10 seems the more likely possibility, it is not impossible to rule out lifeboat 14.