Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Lines, Mrs Elizabeth Lindsey
9 9
Lines, Miss Mary Conover
9 9


In a letter written May 7, 1912, to Percival White's family, Mrs. Lines said:
    "My daughter and I were in life boat No. 9, and I did not see your brother at the moment of leaving the deck."

May Futrelle in her Daily Boston Globe account from April 17, 1932 remembered them in her boat.  We have Futrelle in lifeboat #9.

Miss Lines, in a 1970 interview (reprinted in Voyage #68, 2009) said:
    "One young man was standing there, the third or fourth officer, helping us into the boats, and of course, none of these people were saved.  A few of the sailors, naturally, were allocated as crew members to the boats so that they, quite properly took their places.  We got into the boat and our boat was lowered without any mishaps, though there had been others.   ….  We tried to hang around the ship after we were lowered, hoping that we could pick up a few people who might have been able to escape from the current when the ship went down, but our sailors – the men who were manning the ship – were very unwilling to approach any nearer.”

Gracie, in his The Truth About the Titanic, places the Lines women in #9.