Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Lindsay, Mr William Charles Collapsible B 12 5.00


Letter to Lindsay’s brother written after the disaster, reprinted On Board RMS Titanic, page 351:
    “I expect you have heard before now about the Titanic going down, but thank God we got picked up all right. I don’t know how mother and wife feel about it, but I do hope that they have heard by now that we are safe, what few there are of us. There were about 60 firemen and trimmers saved out of 400. Stewart Palmer [George Clench?] and Charles Newman were drowned. Fred Palmer [Fred Clench?] was saved. He picked us up in his boat. I was on the ship till the water came up to the funnel and got away on a raft. There were 30 of us on it. Oh, but the sight was awful. I shall never forget it, for she broke in three pieces. I only hope that the wife and mother know by now, for the company sent a cable for us. They ought to get that on Saturday. Well, Jack, I feel too upset to write more, so will close. Write home as soon as you can.”

We have Fred Clench as 5.00 in #12. If that identification is correct, then we have Lindsay getting onto Collapsible B, and then being taken into #12.