Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Lindell, Mr Edvard Bengtsson A (died in lifeboat) Never made Cartpathia 5.00
Lindell, Mrs Elin Gerda A (died in water by lifeboat) Never made Cartpathia 5.00


    According to his typed notes, August Wennerström was knocked into the sea with the Lindells. All three of them found their way to Collapsible A. Wennerström and Edvard made it into the boat, while Elin was in the water.
    "The boat was filled with water, and all [illegible] hold us up, was the cork-railing around the boat.  We had only one set of oars, so there was not much rowing done, we just drifted with the wind and none of the other lifeboats were in sight.
    Right after I got back in the boat, came Lindall's wife upside the boat.  Her husband sat by my side and I reached out my hand trying to hold her up, which I did for sometime.  The boat was overful, and if we had tried to drag her over in the boat, we would have all been lost.  After about half an hour, I lost the grip on her and she sank immediately down under the water to her ocean grave.
     Her husband by my side had during this time changed from a 30 year old man to something like 90 or 100.  His face had sink in, his hair and mustache was gray, his eyes had changed and he did not know anything about him, he just looked straight ahead, never made a move and never said a word.  He lay in the water, and the water reached him to above the breast."

When the Oceanic found Collapsible A afloat a month later, one of the items found in the bottom of the boat includ­ed a ring reported as having the names ‘Edward and Gerda’ on it. It apparently belonged to Edvard and Elin Lindell, as Elin’s middle name was Gerda. It seems that the ring had slipped off and fallen into the boat as Wennerström clutched Elin’s hand, struggling to keep her afloat while they awaited rescue.

Edvard's body was likely dropped into the ocean, as it was not aboard Collapsible A when it was found by Oceanic.