Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Lightoller, Mr Charles Herbert Collapsible B 12 5.00


British Inquiry
Testimony of Charles Lightoller
    14068. (The Solicitor-General.) When you came up where did you find yourself? - I found myself alongside of the collapsible boat, which I had previously launched on the port side, the one I had thrown on to the boat deck.
    14069. The one still shut up? - Yes, still shut up, bottom up.
    14070. Were you able to make use of it to clamber on to it? - Not at that time. I just held on to something, a piece of rope or something, and was there for a little while, and then the forward funnel fell down. It fell within 3 or 4 inches of the boat. It lifted the boat bodily and threw her about 20 feet clear of the ship as near as I could judge.

    14102. You say you saw some six people who had got to this collapsible boat. Were they men? - Yes.
    14103. I think you said they were standing on it? - As far as I remember yes, standing or kneeling.
    14104. What happened to you? - I climbed on to it.
    14105. Then just tell us what was the course of events after that from your point of view? - There were several people in the water round about us who struggled towards the boat and swarmed towards the boat and got on to it during the night occasionally. Of course we could not paddle that boat about; it was absolutely water-logged.
    14106. I suppose it was shut up in the sort of sense that that little profile which is in your hand is shut up? - Yes, just upside down like that bottom up (describing). Do you mean she was shut up like that?
    14107. Yes? - No, she is a flat boat like that. She consists of the shape of the boat and two bottoms divided into compartments which contain air. When the boat is turned over it is quite flat on the surface of the water.
    14108. Like a raft? - Exactly.
    14109. There are six and you yourself were there and others got to it? - Yes, as far as I know during the night. I did not count them. It was merely an estimate from other people. There were nearly 28 or 30 people on this raft in the morning.
    14110. (The Commissioner.) Do not you know how many were taken off to the “Carpathia”? - No, my Lord, I do not. We were taken into a lifeboat before we went on board the “Carpathia.”
    14111. (The Solicitor-General.) That is between the going down of the “Titanic” and dawn? - Yes.
    14112. (The Commissioner.) When were you taken off this collapsible boat? - Just at daybreak.
    14113. By what boat? - I do not know the number.
    14114. Were you all taken by one boat? - Yes.
    14115. And how many were in the boat that took you off when you got on board? - I counted those myself; standing in the stern I counted 65 heads.
    14116. That included those that had been taken from the collapsible? - Including those taken off that boat, 65 heads. I could not myself see anyone who sat in the bottom of the boat. I judge there were at least 75 in the boat.

    14121. So there would have been about 45 on this lifeboat when you approached her or when she approached you - that is right? - Yes. I may say there were two lifeboats approached us.
    14122. Did not you all get into one? - We all got into one. This being the lighter one of the two, I chose it.
    14123. You all got into her? - Yes.

Testimony of William Lucas
    1595. Did you go back in your boat? - I transferred all the women from my boat to No. 8 boat because I was frightened of my boat capsizing and going down.
    1596. Whose boat was No. 8 boat? - Poingdestre was in charge.
    1597. You got all your women out of your boat into No. 8? - Yes.
    1598. Then what did you do with your boat? - Poingdestre asked me if I would go in the boat and get hold of an oar and I said yes, and then I went over to the upturned boat where we had picked up 36 from the wreckage.
    1599. What upturned boat was this? - This was one of the boats that had got off from the deck where I was assisting before I went away in this collapsible boat.
    1600. Was it a collapsible boat? - It was a collapsible boat.
    1601. It was upturned? - It was upturned.
    1602. Were there people clinging to it? - Yes, 36 on the top of it.

    1605. Now with regard to these 36 people on this upturned boat, what happened to them? - I put them in the boat that I was in.
    1606. You took them off? - Yes.
    1607. With your collapsible? - No, with this No. 8 boat.

    1613. You went in No. 8 yourself? - Yes.

    1619. Now, you picked up 36 people off an upturned boat? - Yes.
    1620. Did you pick up anyone else in No. 8? - No.
    1621. Were there any other people to be picked up? - Well, there were people to be picked up, but they were dead before we got there.

Even though Lucas said he was transferring people into #8, he was incorrect.   We are positive that Poingdestre was in #12.

Lightoller claimed he climbed onto the overturned portside collapsible - Collapsible B.  Lucas, though he erroneously said #8 instead of #12, claimed to pick up the survivors who remained on the overturned collapsible.  So Lightoller climbed from Collapsible B into #12.