Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Knowles, Mr Thomas Coll. D (5 votes)
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Coll. D (5 votes)
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A 1973 letter from Knowles' daughter states:
    “He could not swim, strange to say, but as the Titanic gradually sank, he stood on the rails, water over his feet, and Captain Smith pacing the bridge. Finally, father jumped into the sea of chaos and saw Captain Smith lift a baby into a lifeboat, but he refused to be saved himself. My father was picked up by the Carpathia from the last collapsible lifeboat, half frozen feet and hands, from which he often suffered afterwards.”

Brian Ticehurst was in contact with the Knowles family, and had quite a lot of information about Thomas.  Per Craig Stringer's conversations with Brian:
    "According to the family they have a copy of a photograph of the Daily Sketch showing the lifeboat in which Knowles was rescued, a collapsible, in which Thomas circled himself. Brian was sure that this was a photograph of collapsible C."

The only photographs any of us recall seeing was Collapsible D, being towed behind #14 under command of 5th Officer Lowe.  We've never seen or heard of a photo of Collapsible C.  We think Brian and Thomas were mistaken.

That said, we did not all agree on which boat he left in.  Some of us felt Collapsible D was a possibility, but other's were not willing to point to any one lifeboat other than unknown.