Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Kink, Mr Anton
2 2 5.00
Kink, Mrs Luise
2 2 5.00
Kink, Miss Luise Gretchen [child]
2 2 5.00

Seattle Daily Times of October 17, 1979:
    “My mother and I were on the second to last rowboat (sic).  When my father saw it was almost the last one he made a dive for it.  He made it.”

Milwaukee Journal of April 16, 1949:
    “Carrying my baby I got into the second to the last lifeboat.  When Anton saw the boat lowered and not filled at all, he jumped into the boat.  We were in the boat for over three hours and the seamen who rowed had flares.  They waved them in the night so that if a ship was near it would see us.”

Anton Kink wrote a letter to the travel agent he had bought his tickets from at the end of April 1912:
    "Kink and his family got away in the penultimate lifeboat, but only because Anton jumped in as it began lowering. “They could have rescued a lot more people,” he wrote, pointing out that his boat was only half full. It had room for 40, but only 17 were on board."

At the American Inquiry Fourth Officer Boxhall described the male passenger in his boat as being a man with a black beard who didn’t speak English, and that, “I think he had his wife there, and some children.”  Anton Kink was photographed with his wife and daughter shortly after the sinking, and he had a dark beard.

The group voted 5.00 for lifeboat 2.