Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Kimball, Mr Edwin Nelson Jr 5 5 5.00
Kimball, Mrs Susan Gertrude 5 5 5.00


In the Chicago Evening Post, April 23rd 1912, Kimball told reporters on arrival in New York that
    “When we arrived upon the deck only a few people were there. As it was about seventy-five feet from the boat deck to the water, the officers were having great difficulty in getting the people to go into the lifeboats, assuring them at the same time that it would not be a long while before they probably would be back on the big boat. The first boat that went was not more than two-thirds full, and the officers said we would have to do something to get the people started."

In The Boston Post, April 20th 1912 Kimball was reported saying,
    “The first boat that went off was not more than two-thirds full, the officers said they would have to do something to get the people started. When the second boat was being loaded we decided that we would certainly put all the women in this boat. We not only put all the women in our party and those that we had advised to come to the boat deck, but also two stewardesses, which were all the women on the boat deck at that time. Mrs Kimball absolutely refused to leave without me, and one of the officers and myself had to pick her up bodily and put her into the boat, together with all the other women and the two stewardesses. The boat was then swung off, and the officers ordered it to be lowered. I remained behind on the Titanic after having helped to load all the women in the boat. After it had been lowered ten or twelve feet one of the officers of the Titanic said to me: “There are no women on deck, and there is more room in that lifeboat. You had better go,” and gave me a push and I jumped and landed in the lifeboat.“

The first boat must refer to #7, and the second boat, which the Kimball's entered, had to be #5.