Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Kennedy, Mr John Joseph ? ? 1.00


We've only been able to find one account for Mr. Kennedy, from the
New York Evening World for April 19th, 1912.
    "Another steerage passenger, told of being in the icy water for more than two hours and then of being picked up by one of the lifeboats. It seemed as if everybody aboard the ship jumped when I did. The ocean was very calm, and as long as I could see the big ship I didn’t feel specially alarmed. But when the Titanic sank my heart sank. I realised for the first time that I was helpless, just as hundreds of others were around me. We were all swimming; yes swimming against hope – and it seemed so terrible to think that we could not keep up much longer. Several times I was almost persuaded to give up, but the desire to live, if only a few minutes more, was foremost in my mind. Perhaps something would happen, although I must confess the chance seemed to be about one in ten million. But I kept on just the same. With each stroke of my arm I felt them getting heavier, until it seemed as though they would break. Finally I felt something tugging at my head, and turning I saw one of the lifeboats. There were women in the boat all crying. I was so exhausted I could not speak, but with one desperate effort I pushed forward and with the aid of one of the men who manned an oar I managed to climb aboard. How I was able to do this much I cannot tell you now, for no sooner had I gotten into the lifeboat than I felt a cold chill come over me and sank back in a daze. I knew nothing more until they brought me to the Carpathia."

A number of previous published lists mention him being in #15, but the above account does not match - as far as we know, #15 did not pick up anyone from the water.

We can eliminate the boats who did pick up people in the water - #4, #14 and Collapsible D.  “Women in the boat all crying” would eliminate #14, as we know #14 had few if any women.  The only passenger #4 picked up was a foreigner who spoke very good English, we know Kennedy was Irish.  We believe D only picked up Mr. Hoyt.

Consequently, we do not have a likely lifeboat for Mr. Kennedy.