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Senan Molony's book The Irish Aboard Titanic has a detailed story of her being in boat D and looking after the Navratil boys, but he offers no documentary evidence to support this.  Possibly it came from the following.

In the Encyclopedia Titanica forum several years ago there was a contribution from one Mary Moynihan, who claimed to be Kelly's granddaughter.
    "Mary Kelly was my grandmother, she was on Titanic and was in lifeboat D. In the lifeboat she was handed 2 little French boys who she took care of until they reached New York. Many years later those boys looked her up and they met in Brooklyn."

Don Lynch notes say she was traveling with Annie Jermyn.  Also, obviously the boys didn't look her up. They didn't even know about her. Mary's son said around 1940 a man looked her up who said he was also a survivor. At first her husband wanted to tell him to get lost as she had no idea who he was, but they did acquiesce and met with him.  We do not know the result of this meeting.