Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
Confidence Level
Kelly, Miss Annie Katherine Collapsible D Collapsible D 4.75


Chicago Inter-Ocean, April 23, 1912:
"I was the last to leave the ship, as the boat I was placed in was the last to be put out to sea. Less than ten minutes -- it seemed less than that during those first terrifying moments -- after we left the steamer sank."

Chicago Examiner, April 23, 1912:
    "On the side where I was carried, some wild-looking men were trying to rush into the boats, and the officers and crew fired at them. Some of the men fell. Others were beaten back by the officers who used their pistols on them.
    I never saw Margaret Mannion after the ship struck, and I do not know where she went, or even if she reached the deck.  I found myself near the Burkes when the last boat was being filled.  One of the officers called out that there was room for just one woman. 
Mr. Burke pushed his wife forward, but she clung so to him and said she wouldn't go unless he did.  The Burke girls refused to go, and finally an officer caught hold of me and lifted me into the boat.  Then it was lowered to the water and pushed off.
    If could not have been more than 10 minutes later than I heard an awful explosion, and looking toward the ship I saw it break in two."

Commutator #194 lists ‘Anna Keely’ as one of the passengers taken to St. Vincent’s hospital.  Why she was is not listed, though we can guess it was because her feet were in water at the bottom of the boat.

This all sounds like Collapsible D. The last boat, the ship broke apart 'ten minutes' later, the disorder at the boat, water in the bottom of the boat, etc. She also had to be lifted into the boat. (She should have been able to step into a boat level with the deck, except there was the bulwark on the forward part of the boat deck.)