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Keen, Mr Percy Edward
15 4.94

The Daily Telegraph, April 30th 1912, contained an account by Mr. Keen:
    "The boat I was ordered to get in was No. 5 on the starboard side. It was the last boat on that side to leave. The Titanic then had a heavy list to port, and as our boat was lowered away, it scraped the side, and we had some trouble to keep it off. When it was in the water about ten minutes, were occupied on attempting to release the boat falls, and then somebody cut the ropes. There was no seaman with us and a fireman took command. After the Titanic sank, we hailed several boats, and asked if they had an officer to share, but we could not get one, and the fireman remained in charge. ….. We left the ship about an hour before the Titanic sank.”

An article in the Southampton Daily Echo, April 30th 1912, says that Keen left in lifeboat 15. This was the last lifeboat on the starboard side, and a fireman did take charge of it. Whereas lifeboat 5 was the second boat launched, and was commanded by Officer Pitman. 

Most of us believe that Mr. Keen left in #15, and that the 'No. 5' in the Daily Telegraph was an error by the newspaper.