Lifeboat from Titanic
Lifeboat to Carpathia
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Judd, Mr Charles Edward Collapsible A 14


From the Daily Herald (London), April 29, 1912.
"A lot of us worked like mad getting people off, mostly women and children, and with my own eyes I saw an officer (whose name he mentioned) shoot two or three first-class passengers. He was frenzied, and Captain Smith was very pale, too. We came to the last boat - a collapsible. The water was getting higher and higher. and a wave caught her and flung her up on the davits. Everybody was wild. It was at the last moment that a passenger tossed me a knife. I just managed to cut her free when a big wave swept us all off deck. The boat was full when it started, but scarcely half the people managed to scramble into her in the water.
    A big wave plunged me aboard as clean as you please. I turned around as soon as I had my breath, but there was the most terrible screaming I've ever heard.
    The Titanic was nowhere [to be] seen. Five hours we stayed in that boat, with my legs in ice water. All the while another man, who held an old lady in his lap, was the same. Just as we were pulling away from the wreck, a man shouted, 'Five thousand dollars for a place in the boat,' but he didn't get it."

The description given by Judd fits Collapsible A.  We know that all people on Collapsible A were rescued by lifeboat #14.